International moves are more complicated and regulated than local or national moves and therefore require more detail. We prefer to discuss the specifications of your international relocation in person or via telephone.

Here are some helpful tips when moving abroad:

Moisture and damage are the leading cause for shipping and storage damage so make sure your items being shipped are clean and dry.

Research and confirm the electric voltage of your destination country to determine which appliances can or cannot be used.

Maintain all original receipts for electrical equipment shipped to provide proof of ownership to customs and avoid additional costly duties.

Visit your local music retailer to advise you of the proper way to clean, package and ship musical instruments.

Don’t pack school records, medical/dental records or other important documents that you may need immediately upon arrival in your destination country.

DON’T bring alcoholic beverages

DON’T bring light bulbs, electric clocks, clock/radios, VCRs, computers, televisions unless you have verified the electric current in your destination country is compatible with your originating country.

DON’T bring flammable items such as matches, paint, cleaning and lighting fluids, laundry detergents, aerosols or candles.

DON’T bring firearms.

DON’T pack valuables or collectibles such as jewelry, furs, trading cards or any such items that are highly susceptible to theft or damage. Such items should be carried on your person.


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